The Importance Of Noises And Sounds

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Noises and sounds give us the sense and feeling of life that surrounds us and makes us experience our surroundings through our ears. It gives us different types of feelings and emotions with different sound effects. Hearing has a major role of our senses that helps us to communicate with the environment and civilization. Noise can sometimes be very aggravating while sounds can be accepting and normal, but why is that? Noise simply means a combination and a blend of sounds that you can hear together. Noise has no specific pitch and no steady rhythm, it is also defined as an unwanted sounds that disturbs people and is considered as a disordered type of sound where vibrations are traveled in the air and reach an ear. Noise can be undesirable…show more content…
This happens because our amygdala increases and takes over the auditory part of the brain. Frequencies exceeding between 2,500 Hz to 55,000 Hz might be viewed as noisy and too high-pitched. Some examples are food blenders, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, and washing machines. These examples are noises we hear and use everyday however we don’t take into consideration but they do damage our ability to hear. Other familiar examples are telephone ringing, drilling, hammering, many people talking at once, baby crying, screaming, snoring, and countless more. These noises are commonly found as noisy however it does depend on the listener, for instance music can be noisy to some people and pleasurable to some. Music has many genres, some people find rock music very unpleasant to hear, and some find it very exciting and enjoyable to listen to. Sounds can be labeled either way as noisy or satisfying and regular. Some people appreciate classical music while other disagree and so on. In the other hand low sounds and pitches are not as noisy as high ones for instance like whispering. Pitch distinguishes between low and high sounds and depends on the frequency of a sound wave. Pitch is the quality of a sound ruled by the rate of vibrations producing it. The higher the pitch the more noise it causes. Whispering can be an example of a low sound and may not be classified as noise since it may not be heard in a…show more content…
This is why knowing the physics behind noise and sound is important since our ears are part of our five senses. Without the knowledge of noise and sounds we wouldn’t be able to measure them. It is very important to take care of our ear because once it gets damaged it is very hard to hear clearly again. Sounds and noises helps connect us to what is happening around us and gives us information about our surroundings. Items at home like a food blender is a big example of noise since its loudness is identified as “loud”. We should be aware of what we hear around us because having aloud noise will damage our ears. Today we have many solutions to fix noise problems like like noise cancellation headphones that will help make us focus in study, work, and sleep or just to have peace. Knowing the properties of noise is also very important because it will make us live a healthier life style and prevent us from surrounding us with noise. Measuring noises gives us the opportunity to know how much damage a simple noise can cause us. We may not think about our ears much but everything we hear does move our eardrum. Our eardrum is always vibrating with sounds whether it is high, low, long or short sounds. Isaac Newton really helped solve this problem, now mathematicians and scientist are able to measure sounds and noises and compare them to one another. Noise can cause high blood pressure, high heart rate, lack of focus,

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