The Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication Skills

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People tend to identify their communication skills through verbal communication and at times, forget to identify their non-verbal communication habits. As a person who loves to speak and has always been described as an exceptional communicator, I was unaware of my non-verbal communication skills. After carefully examining my non-verbal cues through social interactions, I have identified the two areas I most need to improve, my listening skills and the overuse of my hand gestures. With extensive research and practice, I have created a plan and have significantly improved my non-verbal communication skills. Many times, introverts, such as myself love socializing with others; we forget one of the most significant non-verbal communication skills, listening. Being a good listener can tremendously improve the way you communicate with your friends, family, peers, and co-workers. Being an attentive listener, does not necessarily mean making eye contact; it is a communication process that helps us process and interpret a message. Whether we enjoy socializing and listening to others, we unknowingly use this form of communication on a daily basis; listening is categorized as the most used form of communication. Although we tend to listen in every aspect of our lives, we are not necessarily processing the message being conveyed and this is where misinterpretation occurs, “Listening errors are common. While listening is our most pervasive activity, it is also our least developed
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