The Importance Of Nuclear Family And Its Communication

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2.4. Nuclear family and its communication
As it is mentioned under types and structures of families the main focus of the researcher in relation to contents of family communication among families of different cultural groups is on nuclear family type. A nuclear family is family which consist a married couples and their children, father, mother and at least one child or more (Newman, 2006 and Henslin, 2009). As ,(Zastrow, 2014) mentioned it is emerged from extended family. According to (Grunlan and Mayers,1988), nuclear family means husband , wife , and their immature children, (Kottak , 2002). As ,(Knox and Schacht, 2010), Nuclear family is one kind of the family group that is widespread in the human society. In a nuclear family, the parents might be the biological parents of the children or adopted children. As ,(Ember,1990,) said, a nuclear family is promote a family relationship. It is a family of social and economic unit that consisting minimal of one or more parents and children.
Generally, a nuclear family is a family structure that it provides a stable environment for children to be raised. It leads to stable surroundings for the child to be exposed. Nuclear family is considered normal by majority of the society. According to, (Knox and Schacht, 2010), among nuclear the family father is the leader and other have equal share and participating in decision of their family. As, Parnell, 2004), motioned nuclear family gives comfort for children and security of

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