Argumentative Essay: Should Nuclear Weapons Be Banned?

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If nuclear weapons were ever used again it could wipe out all of humanity. The United States created the first nuclear weapon in 1945, and with those nuclear weapons they bombed two Japanese cities called Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nuclear Weapons should be banned, Countries should not have weapons that could wipe out the civilization.
Nuclear weapons pose a direct threat to everyone. They cause distrust among nations and they are useless in addressing any of today 's real security threats. There have been many incidents in which nuclear weapons were almost launched because of accidents and miscalculations. Many nuclear weapons have been taken apart and scrapped. Some countries got rid of them all together, but many countries still maintain their weapons.
Nuclear weapons are bad for the environment Nuclear weapons have the capacity to destroy all complex life forms on Earth and its the only device ever created to do that. If only 0.1% of all nuclear weapon explosive would cause widespread famine and a agricultural collapse. Nations can control their weapons and would only use them to go to war. They can use them whenever they want and it 's all up to the government to use them. They don 't have to ask the people if they have to use them, they will just launch them whenever …show more content…

Most nations equipped with nuclear weapons claim that they rely on them for strategic defense, and they are vulnerable to various attacks without these destructive weapons. Even with the high risk of destruction and devastation, they would prefer to keep nuclear bombs active and ready to go when necessary. Scrapping nuclear weapons would work to a nation’s disadvantage because various hostile states are covertly acquiring nuclear weapons in large number. If they dismantle nuclear bombs, they will be vulnerable to attacks (Matsui). The United States has many pacts that say if countries get rid of some of their weapons they will get rid of some of there

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