The Importance Of Nudity In Art

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Traveling through the river of art history, there has been one consist subject, or we can call it a convention. That is the nudity. From ancient art through the modern art, the nudity has been viewed as one of the major composition. The mythology and religious spirits can be perfectly shown on the body of human. In humanist’s point of view, the naked human body, especially women’s soft and gentle body, is the most beautiful subject since the cloths would cover this pure sense of prettiness. The purpose and meaning of nude in art is various in different paintings. We can trace back to the sculpture Venus of Willendorf, the nude female body has been viewed as given a function of entertainment for its convenience of carrying along. The female nudity also inspires pleasure and joviality to men. In Giorgione’s Pastoral Concert, the two naked females represent the imaging Muses of those two musicians, showing the pleasure and inspiration that women can brought to men. In some religious paintings, the nude body can portray the figures in mythology. Despite of all the various roles and goals the artists endowed to the naked figures in the paintings, the nude bodies have always been conveying artists’ pursuits of ultimate beauty and a mysterious sense of imagination. By comparing the Venus of Urbino and La Grande Odalisque, we can feel this kind of pursuit from Titian and Ingres. Venus of Urbino, as one of the greatest masterpiece of the Venetian High
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