Number 5 Numerology Essay

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Number 5 Numerology In the science of number, number 5 is best described as a dynamic force. He is the most dynamic and energetic of all single digit numbers. The 5 is unpredictable and always in motion in dire need of change. Though it is molded from both feminine and masculine qualities, the 5 is more feminine than masculine. The 5 is independent, both in mind and soul. She is however not submissive at all. The 5 is a great adventurer and risk taker. She is never comfortable staying at one place. Whether in jobs, relationships or businesses, she is always on the move and nothing can stop her. To her, change is a necessity, however she has stunning loyalty. She is the one who will never cheat, if she feels that she is bored in a relationship,…show more content…
She is arrogant to figures in authority and she suffers from anxiety and insecurity. She can also turn cynical if she fails to receive the attention she craves. The 6 is the symbol of harmony, in Astrology, she is associated with the Gemini and associated with The Lovers in Tarot. Number 7 Numerology In the science of numbers, the 7 is best described as the seeker. The 7 is a great thinker and a researcher of truth. They don’t judge a book by its cover; they tend to understand the underlying and hidden facts before taking any action. They are highly intellect and their intellect does not involve being bright. They are somewhat shy and they are never really comfortable in social settings. The 7 are spiritual but not religious; they are always looking for answers and will stop at nothing until they do. They really hate gossip and hence they are immune to small minded backstabbing, the 7 is never influenced by money. The 7 has a misunderstood sense of humor. They rarely remember jokes and they are not jovial. They have an excellent taste of love and understanding of art. They completely ignore fashion and do not care about what others will say about them. They are firm believers in justice though but they do not like
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