The Importance Of Nurses In Nursing

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It is widely acknowledged that nurses are a crucial component of the healthcare system. They are an integral part of clinical services and have primary responsibility for a significant proportion of patient care in most healthcare settings. Nurses are prone to occupational hazards and injuries in the course of their day to day activities in the health care settings (Isara and Ofili, 2012). Given the nature of nursing working environment, responsibilities and duties, nurses are on the frontline of numerous occupational hazards such as biological/infectious disease, chemical risks, environmental/ mechanical risks, physical risks, and psychosocial risks. The safety of nurses from workplace-induced injuries and illnesses is important to nurses themselves as well as to the patients they serve. The presence of healthy and well-rested nurses is critical to providing vigilant monitoring, empathic patient care, and vigorous advocacy.
Although nurses are known to be a high-risk subgroup for these events, nursing students may be at even greater risk due to their limited clinical experience. Nurses play an important role in medical community. They are the frontlines in administering and evaluating treatment given to every client and always ready to provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support (Oz, 2016).
Nursing is considered as hazardous profession worldwide. Unfortunately, little is known regarding the nursing issues on occasional safety and health in the Philippines.

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