The Importance Of Nurses In Nursing

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It is of utmost importance to the care of, patient to be prioritized, but nurses have been taking too many hits from many different varying views. And these have deterred with the patient 's overall care. The care of the patient has been decreasing over the years due to aspects. These aspects are caused by hospitals themselves, which are not taking care of their nurses. These nurses experience illnesses themselves and guidelines and precautions are not taken. Nurses should be aided and helped because they are getting taken advantage of and this causes negative effects to be brought upon these nurses. And since nurses are being taken advantage of this causes them to deteriorate at a rate unimaginable, to a point in which posts and positions are cleared up because of resignation due to poor conditions. Hospitals should change the current procedure and protocols to be and work in favor of the nurse because as they are the caretakers of the patient, these patients deserve optimal care.
In the nursing field, the nurse is bombarded by multiple stressful elements that is given throughout the day. And what dictates the amount of stress is completely due to administrators. The factors that these administrators controls these factors, and causes the quantity of nursing time to change (Clarke para 19). The decrease and increase of these hours are key points in which the quality of nursing care. The healthcare of patients is quite important, and the patient care is determined by

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