The Importance Of Nursing Education

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The educational institutions of today are concerned with quality. With the emergence of competition among universities, the identification of the academic institutions that have a high level of quality has become a crucial issue. For this reason, the researcher declared that today, quality is the single most important issue in education. (1) The nursing education is very important due to close ties with people health and should lean toward quality improvement. Therefore, the quality of nursing program should be evaluated continuously by the local, national, and international evaluation systems. Nursing education had faced with some challenges, including the competency of graduated nurses and quality of nursing education. The main challenges…show more content…
In order to become accredited, a nursing program must meet a set of standards applying to the overall quality of instruction as well as the ultimate effectiveness of the program. (3) Accreditation is considered one of the terms that have emerged recently as a strategy for quality assurance in education; it was defined as “an evaluative process for educational institutions and programs in order to help them achieve quality and recognition”. Based on the previously mentioned, under the framework of the attention being paid by the Kingdom to education and the focus on the issue of quality assurance in institutions of higher education. Planned efforts to develop higher and common education have been marked out by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation.…show more content…
Application of TQM in universities is faced with many obstacles as insufficient incentives for teaching staff, academic incompetency of faculty members and lack of university facilities.(11) Other obstacles to TQM success include lack of consistent managers' and employees' commitment to and involvement in TQM implementation, poor leadership and management, lack of a quality-oriented culture, insufficient training, and inadequate resources.(12) In addition, higher education institutions face many pressures and challenges resulting from rapid expansion in student enrolments, shortage of funding, declining quality of graduates, and increasing competition between various public and private colleges and universities.(13) The realization of the importance of total quality management , quality assurance systems and accreditation will contribute to achieving the goals of universities as well as identifying strengths to promote and addressing the short

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