The Importance Of Nursing Needs In Health Care

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For public, what they think about nursing? They may think nursing is a process, which take care of clients physically until they recover. In my opinion, I think nursing is a responsibility and knowledge-based tasks; it is used to improve the health state of all types of client. On responsibility aspect, it helps clients reducing their pain during treatment or recovery period and taking care to them physically and mentally. Nursing needs to think about what the clients needs and what is good for them. It has the responsibility to have a holistic nursing for clients. The nursing processes help to recover and improve their health state. On knowledge-based task, nursing needs to be knowledge-based and competence-assessed profession. It is because nursing has to make profession decisions for the clients; those decisions need to base on their knowledge. If lack of knowledge will make nurses having wrong decision, then it will harm for clients. The knowledge also can help us providing useful and valid advices to clients. And nursing needs to change the treatments or decisions based on the condition of client, those changings are based on the knowledge and observation. Those advices and assesses will improve the health state of clients. For caring, I think caring is a health care process of helping others to recover when they are in sick. And caring divides to two aspects, they are physical and mental. On physical aspect, caring is about the basic needs, environment and

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