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For public, what they think about nursing? They may think nursing is a process, which take care of clients physically until they recover. In my opinion, I think nursing is a responsibility and knowledge-based tasks; it is used to improve the health state of all types of client. On responsibility aspect, it helps clients reducing their pain during treatment or recovery period and taking care to them physically and mentally. Nursing needs to think about what the clients needs and what is good for them. It has the responsibility to have a holistic nursing for clients. The nursing processes help to recover and improve their health state.
On knowledge-based task, nursing needs to be knowledge-based and competence-assessed profession. It is because
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And caring divides to two aspects, they are physical and mental. On physical aspect, caring is about the basic needs, environment and exercises. For the basic needs, Saul McLeod said the first level of Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs is physiological needs, it contains food, air, water, temperature, elimination, rest and pain avoidance. Expect the basic needs, we also need to observe the changing of their body state, which can help clients to care their health in time. For environment, caring need to provide a safety environment to clients for protecting from injury. And a safety environment can decrease the worries of patients, let them feel safe and increase trust. These can reach the safety and security needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs.
On mental aspect, caring need to observe the emotion of the patients, respect them and have communication with them. We observe emotion of patients that is used to prevent patients hurt themselves, to ensure the safety of patients. For respect, everyone has their own pride. When people are sick, their pride and self-esteem will decrease as they may think they are useless. Having respect can make them to feel they are human beings, and it can increase their self-esteem. Communication can increase the understanding of patients, which can help us to know what they think in their
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From the video, I think it demonstrates trust, professional intimacy and empathy. In the video, Ms. Ho always talks to her patients for asking their health state. And her patients are willing to talk to her. This shows the trust between Ms. Ho and her patient. Except trust, Ms. Ho also shows empathy. In the video, an elderly had situation, which make the elderly scared. Ms. Ho called his son and let his son talk to elderly for decreasing elderly’s scare. For professional intimacy, Ms. Shek also said nursing need to be client centered. Nurses provide services, such as change diaper, bathing, etc, they need to observe patients and create closeness for making the relationship closer. In my own experience, the elderly, who visited in Prevention of Falling Day, talked about many things about themselves. This shows their trust to

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