The Importance Of Nursing Teamwork

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In the modern world we live now, many changes have occurred throughout the nursing field and the quality of patient care. As a result, patients are becoming extremely demanding and wanting more from their care. In order to fulfill those caring needs, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to work together and build teamwork strategies. As a nurse working side by side with other health care professionals, including the nursing assistants, communication is a strong strategy behind a teamwork effort. In contrast, if working with other healthcare providers become difficult, the quality of patient care, health promotion, and established teamwork strategies will become difficult to implement. Therefore, nursing teamwork with other health-care professionals is essential in the transition of patient care. Personally, teamwork is sometimes difficult to attain, especially if the team lacks professional and personal respect for others. For example, one time I had an upcoming nurse disrespectfully inform me that my physical assessments needed work. Despite my new nursing graduate status, those comments had a great impact on my professional growth as a nurse. Upon hearing this, I…show more content…
One person might agree that nursing teamwork is the foundation of a medical setting, while another person might say that nursing teamwork is a waste of time and working alone is the best experience. Both negative and positive concepts of nursing teamwork have been experienced by me in different medical and nursing settings. I later realized that having no teamwork makes every step difficult for you and for others. Teamwork with strategies such as proper communication, respect for others, and cooperation can benefit the whole medical and nursing community. Therefore, nursing teamwork is imperative to help manage the patient’s needs and fulfill our nursing duties to bring no harm to
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