The Importance Of Nutrition In Space

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Nutrition in Space Food

Nutrition has played a critical role throughout the history of exploration, and space exploration is no exception. While a one- to two-week flight aboard the Space Shuttle might be analogous to a camping trip, adequate nutrition is absolutely critical when spending several months or years aboard the International Space Station or on a mission to another planet. Space-nutrition specialists must know how much of various individual nutrients astronauts need, and these nutrients must be available in the spaceflight food system to ensure that astronauts had adequate nutrition.In more complicate matters, spaceflight nutritional requirements are influenced by many of the physiological changes that occur during spaceflight. Spacecraft, space environment , and weightlessness itself , all of this will impact human physiology. Astronauts will expose to a much higher level of radiation than individuals on the Earth when they are without the Earth 's atmosphere to protect them. Weightlessness impacts almost every system in the body, including those of the bones, muscles, heart and blood vessels, and nerves.

Nutrition for Bone

Bone loss are common occur in space especially is the legs and it is significant during spaceflight. This is the most important on flights longer than thirty days because the amount of bone lost increases as the length of time in space increases. Weightlessness also increases excretion of calcium in the urine and the risk of forming

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