The Importance Of Nya In A Long Walk To Water

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Imagine being separated from your family and you might never see them again. Imagine having to walk miles everyday to get water. Most people in the world don’t think about wasting water or being suddenly separated from your family. In A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, the reader goes through an awful story about a girl named Nya who has to walk miles for water in Southern Sudan 2008 and a boy named Salva who’s life gets ruined by the war in Southern Sudan 1985. The reader goes through both stories and experiences what life was like for both Nya, and Salva. Nya shows that she is a very hard worker throughout the book while Salva is uncertain if he will ever see his family again.

Nya has consistently proven herself to be a very hard worker. Chapter one begins with Nya showing persistence in her quest for water. “To the pond and back-to the pond and back-nearly a full day of walking altogether. This was Nya’s daily routine 7 months of
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His uncertainty appears in chapter two when he had to run from the school into the bush. “As Salva walked, the same thoughts kept going through his head in rhythm with his steps. Where we going? Where is my family? When will I see them again?” (page 9) The reader can infer that Salva is unsettled and unsure considering he has so many concerns about what is to come. The reader can see Salva’s lack of confidence and worry due to his perpetual questions. “The days became a never-ending walk. Salva’s feet kept time with the thoughts in his head, the same words over and over: Where is my family? Where is my family?” (page 22) Here the reader can conclude that Salva’s thoughts, though uncertain, are motivating him to keep moving. The reader can infer that Salva’s uncertainty is immeasurable in light of the fact that he asks himself the same questions over and over again throughout the story. In conclusion, Salva shows himself to be someone who is uncertain and unsure of his

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