The Importance Of Objectivism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Judging the morals in life regarding different societies expectations quickly became the focus of Equality’s thoughts, exactly as Ayn Rand had made it the importance of her own efforts. Objectivism is different from what many people live by, but it worked for Equality by the end of Anthem. It is important to realize everybody needs different things, which leads to thinking diversely. Some need self-respect to be able to give respect, and others live their life following instead of leading. It is impossible however, to say objectivism needs to vanish when it never has before, more so, the world would be unbalanced with only equal thoughts from all; there would be no innovation if all thoughts were for the same narrow concept. Objectivism is something everyone considers…show more content…
Ayn Rand expressed over many years that it is necessary to put ones’ own needs before others. “…who does not grant his love to the weaknesses or the flaws of others, only to their virtues.” being able to exchange feelings between someone, is not a subject of free for all but one of who is worthy of everybody’s own separate needs in mind (Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness 31). Equality focused on his own needs to choose who was righteous of his emotions. “ earn my love, my brothers must do more than to have just been born...honor is a thing to be earned.” Ayn Rand weaves her idea of objectivism and that people choose others relying on their own needs into her connection with Equality. In the beginning of Anthem Equality did not think of himself, but what the society wanted everyone to do as a whole, contrasting towards Ayn Rand’s beliefs (Rand, Anthem 96).When people come to the realization that no one is equal, it is easier to realize that neither are needs, making choices involving circumstances like relationships depend on a person’s thoughts and
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