The Importance Of Obstacles In Life

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Why should you stay positive through struggling times? Obstacles come in all different shapes and forms. The majority of your life is spent worrying about how everything will eventually go wrong. However, I believe that your struggles shouldn’t tear you down, they should build you up.
Everyone has a struggle whether it's an injury, disorder, allergy, etc. I dance, it's my escape route in a storm. When I dance, everything just disappears, all my worries and anxieties, the stress of certain things, it all goes away when I dance because I know I'm safe. Until one day when everything went wrong. I sustained an injury in 2015 and then again in 2016, tenosynovitis, which is the inflammation of the tendon sheath where muscle connects to bone. Tenosynovitis was like the end of the world to me. I couldn't dance for 6 months, that meant no company, no Nutcracker,
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It can help mold you once you get off the beaten path and back on the smooth road, until another obstacle. Darren Shan says “Fear is like cancer- you can beat it back, but if returns, it can be worse than ever.” This quote explains so vividly what happened to me, the Tenosynovitis came back in 2016 looking for revenge after I had “beaten it back.” I jumped back into dance too fast, so it came back looking for more. I tried to ignore the scary part and didn't confront it face to face. This is when I came to the conclusion where I needed to let this injury run its course and solve the issue. That injury felt like the worst time of my life, but looking at it now, it has helped me grow not only in my dancing but it has taught me how to deal with big things like this in life. This was a time of fear and anxiety but it has led me back to the smooth path I am on now, but I'm armed for my next battle. There's the good kind of fear that builds you stronger, and there's the fear that tears you down. You must try and find the good

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