The Importance Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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The Ancient Greeks are very known in the current days due to various reasons however the main ones were their discovery about the world and their beliefs. There are numerous ideas that fit into this category, one being the term hero; throughout the Odyssey written by Homer, Odysseus faces a series of events in which his actions and reactions to them reveal who he is. In other words, the first thought that comes to one 's mind when they reflect on these actions of the great Odysseus is the word “hero”. The reason to this is because of the various traits such as bravery, selflessness or caring, and intelligent or cunning . Inclusively, he revealed throughout the book which fits the description of a hero both in Ancient Greece and in our current days. This reveals the changes of the hoary and present culture.
There are numerous events that lead us to one perspective of Odysseus. However, one of the strongest traits visible in the book is bravery. “Son of Laertes and seed of Zeus, resourceful Odysseus, you shall no longer stay in my house when none of you wish to; but first there is another journey you must accomplish and reach the house of Hades and of revered Persephone, there to consult with the soul of Teiresias the Theban, the blind prophet, whose senses stay unshaken within him, to whom alone Persephone has granted intelligence even after death, but the rest of them are flittering shadows”(10.127-128). This quote reveals the trait of bravery because first of all, there is
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