The Importance Of Ogres In Popular Culture

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When it comes to describing an ogre, many people would not have the basic knowledge to describe it. Ogres are mythological creatures that are gruesome in appearance, prey upon children, and isolate themselves from the world. Ogres deserve to be researched because they used to be portrayed as villains; but through popular culture, it has been seen that Ogres can be the hero. These legendary creatures have been encountered in mythological and literary distinctions through European folklore, French traditions, and many more fictions. They have been portrayed and signified through their appearance, actions, and a logical analysis through popular culture. I learned that Ogres are cannibalistic creatures that had been exposed in many mythological…show more content…
After this catastrophic happening, “[...] he changed himself into a mouse, and began to run about the floor. Puss no sooner perceived this than he fell upon him and ate him up” (Perrault 18). The representation of this story shows an incredible example of the fantasy and folklore of a children’s story. However, ogres earned their importance through popular culture. Fantasy stories once portrayed ogres as vicious creatures, as in Dungeons and Dragons. These creatures would be described as cruel, strong-bodied, and hairy. In modern popular culture, the film Shrek portrays Shrek as a solitary ogre that lives in a swamp who just wants to be left alone, but later he becomes the outstanding hero, rather than the cruel villain in the movie. This is the way many modern people would describe an ogre besides a cannibalistic…show more content…
Children love the fear and anxiety when it comes to dangerous situations. They feel as if they are conquering their fears through enjoyment. According to Pauline Dewan, “ This movement away from home stimulates personal growth as characters face new challenges” (28). Fairy tales and fiction stories can prepare a child for when they leave home and take on the real world. When children watch the film Shrek, they learn to never judge a person by their appearance and they become a hero when they do not listen to others. As an adult standpoint, the government will bully each other and the people through humiliation. Ogres represent this by being cruel towards their society and isolating themselves so that they never get

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