The Importance Of Olympic Paralympics

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1.0 Introduction
The Paralympic Sponsorship challenge is being experienced worldwide. There is going to be world para athletics in London from 14th July 2017 to 23rd July, 2017, and there have been few if any media coverage to popularize the event. Although this is not the first time for lack of sensitization and awareness of the event, consequently this leads to lack of sponsors support for Paralympians. The reason for this little concerns and attachment to the event is not certainly known. The common proposition by media is that sponsors are to blame for the discrepancy, and that they should be sponsoring Paralympians to the same level as able-bodied Olympic athletes. There are two major points of view on the expression, in this context,
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An agreement in October 2000 brought the workings of the two organizations closer by co-opting the IPC President to the IOC and including an IPC representative on 11 of the IOC Commissions, including the Evaluation Commission – the body that examines the competing bids from cities seeking to host the Olympic Games. The IOC also undertook to pay an annual subvention towards IPC administration costs (US$3 million per annum), annual sums for development projects, and specific assistance to help athletes from developing countries attend the Salt Lake City Winter Paralympic Games and the Athens Summer Paralympics. An agreement in June 2001 clarified the organization of the Paralympic Games, confirming that the location would always be the Olympic host city and would take place ‘shortly after’ the Olympic Games using the same facilities and venues. From the 2008 Summer Games and 2010 Winter Games onwards, there would be full integration of the two organizing committees. An agreement on revenues for broadcasting and marketing the Paralympics (August 2003) guaranteed IOC payments to the IPC of US$9 million for the 2008 Games and US$14 million for 2010 and 2012. The final agreement (June 2006) extended these arrangements through to 2014 and 2016, increased funding for…show more content…
In the process they have embraced new sports, have encompassed a wider range of disabilities, and helped give credence to the belief that access to sport is available to all. The Paralympics also underline the change from sport as therapeutic competition to that of elite events that carry intrinsic prestige, with growing rivalry over medal tables. For the future, however, questions remain as to whether the current arrangements of separate but supposedly equal festivals assist the continuing development of the Paralympics or perpetuate difference and how funds and support can be made available to enhance the movement. Defined as an investment in cash of kind in an event, team or person, in order to secure sponsors’ access to the commercial potential associated with that event, team or person (Meenaghan, 1994), sponsorship has been viewed as an appealing communications tool, given the increasing clutter and fragmentation of the traditional mass
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