Analyze The Factors That Influence The Effectiveness Of Online Advertising

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The advancement of technology like internet access influenced most of the people to use their mobile devices to get information. The rise of new media has changed the way of business operations as they are using affordable budget to do online advertising. In other words, internet advertisement is one of the most important marketing tools because it is a cost effective and efficient to expand the business. Online advertisement is defined as the purpose of transferring a marketing message to consumers in order to attract and influence them to purchase a product or service (Ashraf & Mohammed, 2012).
Different online advertisements on the website have their own characteristic such as font, content, color, format, size and others. Some online advertisement also included video, text, sound clip or a combination of these. Marketers should consider these important factors to create a quality advertisement that can affect their consumers purchase decision and increase the sales (Ashraf & Mohammed, 2012). There are different type of online advertising such as sponsors advertising, pop-up advertisements, commercial sites advertising, banners advertising and so on (Tchai, 2011).
Online advertising is getting important nowadays because it reaches huge target audience and less expensive than the traditional advertising such as
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For example, many of consumers have been influenced and they have move to the new media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and so on. According to Digital Statshot reports, the worldwide social media users reached 2 billion in 2014 which is a massive growth. From here, we can see that the consumer preferences and decision have changed and this is an opportunity for online advertisement because it facilitates information seeking, purchase intentions and decision

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