How To Safeguard Personal Privacy?

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Online communication becomes more common after the introduction of computers and the internet. People find it easy to exchange information electronically through email, fax, internet, and websites using computers and phones. Online communication is quick, convenient, and cheap, but risky when it comes to privacy. People share pictures, messages, medical information, shop online, and apply for jobs using the internet. For the last ten years, exchanging information using electronic format is gradually replacing paper format. Exchanging information using a paper format becomes old school and now the new form of communicating by electronic format using the internet and website controls this century, but with a big risk of privacy. Now, it is common to see no option for paper format as an alternative way to apply for job, school, hospital.… Almost all companies now accept job applications, medical information, school information, and different kinds of information using the internet.
Some of the information we exchange through the internet contains sensitive information.
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Companies should securely safeguard personal information collected from the people using different techniques to protect the information from beaning loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, or disclosure. Information that is located in the companies’ server or physical location should be protected by various security measures. Some of the security measures are locating files in a much secured location, by limiting the number of people who would work with this information, and using encryption software to protect information stored in servers or during transmission of personal information throughout the company’s website. Also, companies should also have a schedule to destroy information that is outdated by using a retention schedule. This will limit unwanted access of personal information from old files in the long
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