The Importance Of Online Shopping

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Nowadays, the internet has played an important role in our daily life. Anything that customer’s purchases affects environment by means of delivery, whether they have the products can be delivered to home or drive to the supermarket. In earlier days people used to go to the different shops to purchase .Before purchasing as they didn 't have a great deal information and they are not easy access for detailed information on products. Due to the development of World Wide Web it has now become easy to access the products or services available worldwide without wasting time and money.

The Internet is changing the way consumers shop and buy goods and services, and has rapidly evolved into a global appearance. Lots of companies nowadays use the Internet to convey, communicate, promote and spread the information to sell the product, to take feedback and also to conduct satisfaction surveys with customers. Customers use the internet not only to buy the product online but also to compare prices, product features and after sale service facilities. After compared the price they will choose the one which is more suitable and reasonable. Consumer can get more detailed information and choices to compare product and price, more choice, convenience, easier to find anything online. (Butler, 1998).Online shopping has been shown to provide more satisfaction to modern consumers seeking convenience and speed (Yu, 2007). Like in all marketplaces, also on the internet buyers and sellers come
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