The Importance Of Open Learning Environment

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CECE 2703

Open learning environment refers to the shared spaces and all the activities therein and the materials provided to children within the early years education context to further enhance their learning opportunities, and provide them with a rich experience in their foundation years.
There are three main dimensions of learning environment. The physical environment refers to the space, classroom organization, equipment, materials, and the playground and facilities available. The Interpersonal environment refers to the relationship and style of interactions among the children and the teacher. The Temporal environment refers to the daily routine, timings for transitions and activities (Gordon & Browne, 2011).
In this essay, I am going to focus on the physical and interpersonal environment in relation to my current school situation and suggest the direction for development. I will implement strategies on how important and beneficial it is to have an open learning environment for young children’s healthy development.
My Early Childhood Education (ECE) institution is a Japanese Kindergarten, The Japanese section follows a traditional curriculum and the teaching environment is structured and firm. Recently the kindergarten management decided to add English lessons in the curriculum. I lead the English team. The classroom is well arranged with age appropriate toys and the shelves are reachable for children. There are crayons and sketch books
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