The Importance Of Open Space

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Abstract In these days’ researches, it has been showed that the most highly valued open spaces are those which enhance the positive quality of urban life like variety of opportunities, sociability, etc. In this paper these qualities had been surveyed. The objective of this research is to investigate these highly valued open spaces and their qualities. The main question here is that, which of these qualities can promote social interactions? And how can an open space quality influence social interactions? Finally to make it more clear all the above finding summarized in a model. Keywords: open space, social interaction 1. Introduction: As you all know Studies suggest that outdoor spaces can enhance social interaction. People got…show more content…
Methods and materials: For this research first some question need to be answered in the meaning of which we consider such as public places as spaces with a lot of potential for social interaction in open space, then social spaces will be define as a lively places in open space, then a model will be present according to the above definitions which summarize the important factors which make a social space as a context of social interactions. In other words we describe the main elements of social interaction which take place in social places in open space. Then some advice will be add so to enhance the open spaces…show more content…
The space which can attract people should at first provide needs such as psychological and physical comfort, visual beauty and social desirability of human relations. Social life in public spaces are depend on cultivate social relations, attract different group of people, social security and as a result increasing the sociability and creating an active and lively place (Daneshpoor and Charkhchian 2001). The term social space is a common ground in which people do their activities and the event occur in. which link the community members (Madanipour 2000). Also it has defined as a place of social life flow and because of social and historical events it will stick in people’s memory. These spaces are the places where most of the action among people takes place in them and are port of the city that the population have physical and visual access to them (Tibbalds 1992). So in order to facilitate social interaction a space need to have some characteristics. For example: • It need to have social life in • Having a platform for activities and events • It should be Sociabile • It needs A place for exchanging ideas and information • People need to have visual and physical access to them • It should be Life dependent to people • And Caused by image or social memories Now some different kind of public open space which is fertile for interactions

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