Personal Essay: The Importance Of Optimism

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We have all asked ourselves how different factors have benefited our lives. One of the biggest factors is optimism. According to Yolanda Williams, “Optimism is a form of positive thinking that includes the belief that you are responsible for your own happiness and that more good things will continue to happen to you in the future”. It gives support and enthusiasm in the world we live today, but if the world remains with or without optimism relies on us. If you want to be successful in life, then optimism is what helps you get there. Most of us have experienced the peaks and the valleys throughout their life, and this brought positivity in us. It has shown what the best alternate choice is for people. If we want to or not, we get motivated by authoritarian people which inspire us until our last breath. Learning about Mother Teresa, involving myself in the politics, and going through a rough recovery of my knee, I have found…show more content…
This system of policy has effected every one of us. It matured the way we think and we act, instead of going against each other physically we can have peaceful grouping conversations. We can be part of the change the city or country makes. When we mention optimism in politics it is not only a personal choice but also a political choice. We can get advantages out of politics if we are making uniform decisions, which will help us in everyday life. The political leaders have a clear vision for our country’s future. Sometimes there are huge disagreements in politics where people cannot communicate properly, which then leads to protests and civil war. I for myself have participated in protests, but when they became violent I postured myself back. To stop this we need to increase the optimism in political conversations, which will stop it once and for

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