The Importance Of Oral Health

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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.”(W H O)Health is a universal human need.(CF) Oral health means more than good teeth. It is integral to general health and essential for well-being, which has a profound impact on quality of life.(WHO OHR 2003) The mouth is regarded as a mirror of body and the gateway of good health. General health cannot be attained or maintained without oral health.(CF) Oral health enables an individual to speak, eat and socialize without active disease, discomfort or embarrassment.(KWAN) Dental caries and periodontal diseases have historically been considered the most important global oral health burdens. (WHO OHR…show more content…
Traumatized baby teeth may lead to premature tooth loss, which further lead to malalignment of the permanent (adult) teeth, impacting on an individual’s appearance. (WHO DOC 11) Tooth loss as a result of untreated dental disease and trauma, can affect child’s nutritional intake and consequently, has a significant impact on their growth, development and quality of life.(WHO DOC 11). Pain, discomfort, sleepless nights and time off school or work are the common problems for many children and adults.(HEBBAL) It is essential to prevent dental trauma in children. A safe physical environment at home, in schools and in the community, including safer playgrounds and roads with well-organized traffic, can help minimize the risk of dental trauma. (WHO DOC…show more content…
The goal of planned health education program is not only to bring about new behaviors but also to reinforce and maintain healthy behaviors that will promote and improve individual, group or community health.(HEBBAL) Ideally the main objective for dental health education is to impart knowledge and information so as to equip the people and enable them to attain dental health by their own efforts and actions, which is possible only when people appreciate dental health.(CF) Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is an effective way to spread the health messages among children. IEC means sharing information and ideas in a way that is culturally sensitive and acceptable to the community using appropriate channels and methods. This systematically organized teaching strategy enhances the knowledge and brings about behavioural changes in the target audience.(LOO) Dental health education can be effective only when complete, accurate and scientifically valid messages are given to the community to maintain healthy oral

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