The Importance Of Organic Foods

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Food is more than a substance that keeps people alive. There are social, ecological, medical, and nutritional factors involved in the process of making food and choosing what foods to eat. With all the complicated components that go into peoples’ food choices, it is impossible to find a perfect diet that not only works for each individual, but also provides no moral dilemma. The food a person decides to eat affects them personally because it affects the ability at which their body can function. People also live at a variety of levels of health, so it is imperative for people to eat the recommended diet according to their personal health. Because food choices have an impact on people on a personal level, I argue the most important factor people…show more content…
This debate has become so popular, that many grocery stores now carry foods with an organic label. Some people believe in the use of organic foods to the point of being prideful with their diet decision; however, what is the nutritional science behind eating only organic products? The main reasons behind the decision to eat organic foods is that they are safer and healthier (Watson, 2012). Pesticides are the main concern when discussing food safety in traditional foods. According to researchers at Stanford University, organic produce had a 30% lower pesticide residue when compared to traditional foods; however, both were within the allowable safety limits (Watson, 2012). An important point to note is that there has not been an adequate amount of research conducted to determine the effects of pesticide exposure (Watson, 2012). Unless a person is allergic to the pesticides used in traditional foods, only eating organic produce is not necessary when it comes to food safety. The same researchers at Stanford University also investigated the nutritional content of organic and conventional foods, and they discovered a few differences (Watson, 2012). Many organic foods contained a slightly higher amount of phosphorous levels, and organic milk and chicken contained a higher omega-3 fatty acid content (Watson, 2012). Based on the research conducted by Stanford University, organic and traditional foods do not have many differences (Watson, 2012). It is essential to consider health when deciding what foods to eat; however, eating organic foods will not greatly impact one’s

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