The Importance Of Organisational Change

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Organisational changes take place when an organisation is able to make transition from present state for some considerable future state. Managing organisational changes is manly the process of implementing change and planning within the organisation is a way that is minimises organisational cost and employee resistance whereas at the same time maximising the efficiency of change effort. At present time business environment needs organisation to endure constant changes in order to remain competitive. Factors link globalisation of markets with rapidly involving technology forces in relation to its survival (Hayes, 2007).
Organisational culture and structure regarding promoting or inhibiting changes in organisations is applied and critiqued.
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Strong level of communication should succeed within the organisational structures if the direction of the leader is followed efficiently. Thus, it is also notice that if the direction is clear, the employees are balance and focused, as a result undertaking will be positive (Mullins and Christy, 2013). The organisational structure of the company evaluates how this approaches while operating the business. The organisational structure is based on geographical territories, products and functions that have high level of control over what works out the best for the staff working and performing their task. These organisational structures are hierarchies where the managers are able to delegate authority and they are responsible for getting the outcome (Schein, 2010). Organisation works as a formal structure which is usually dependent on strong communication and share interest. Such formal structure can lead to become functional structure that allows ‘expertise development in both technology and personal plus providing clear career paths to the staff. This actually fits with the objective of British Army organisation as the staff are more career focused. The structure is subject to geographical disposition and additional growth as the British Army…show more content…
Inidividuals that are ready to change encorugaes to accept feedbacks. As claimed by Hodges (2015), employees that are not the part of management are actually from low socio economic classes. British Army is developed from keeping a multi cultural environment. It was discovered from the survey that Commonwealth was major compliant that shows sincerity. The use of bpdy language is mainly adopted by Americans, Asian and African for buidling trust and improving relaitonship. Armoured Infantry Brigade of British Army was more than satisfied in discovering the overall outcome from present culture, however major concern was placed regarding intial resistance to change. Ignoring cultural aspects will be failed step if any vital changes and transformaiton is
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