The Importance Of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behavior is the study of knowledge about how people act and behave in an organization. It includes behaviour of individuals and groups. Aspects like leadership, motivation, job satisfaction, attitude, personality traits and perception are all important issues in organizational behavior. Behaviours generated by individuals can influence a company in favourably but also in a negative way. Losses which an organization suffer can be depended on inappropriate behaviour of employees, however, devotion and involvement in the work can help an organization in its better functionalism. Employees are the most important resources, they are the source of achieving success. In today 's time knowledge, attitudes and motives of the employees matter the most because thanks to them employees are guided to pursue better work, changes, progresses. The key to success is a modern treatment of employees, investment in them, help to develop and motivate people. I think that in an organization a lot of depend on an employer in a matter of work effectiveness of the staff. And thus employees have influence over good or bad an organization. Everyone has different personality, values, attitude, behavior, emotions, culture or perception. They can affect an organization. Some people work to earn one 's keep and treat their job as a compulsion, some people want to achieve better material status and take the liberty of living in luxury way. I think that such people treat their job with

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