The Importance Of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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The Organizational Citizenship Behavior has been usually used as a predictor of many variables especially involving in any workplace setting. Some of it is: Charismatic Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior by Zehir et al (2014) ,Organizational Citizenship Behavior and leadership and employee readiness by Lou and Liu (2014) ,regarding Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Ethical Leadership by Lu (2014). However, Organizational Citizenship Behavior may be one of the most truthful predictors of some of the variables stated above; however, there are not enough variables in what predicts Organizational Citizenship Behavior. In a commercial or office setting Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) is being used to size the efficiency of an employee. In this age, organizations need to restructure, and need individuals who are enthusiastic to donate to successful change and leaders who can successfully bring about change. In contemporary leadership theory, charismatic leaders are understood as exceptional agents of organizational change (Levay, 2010). Leadership effectiveness is critical to the possible performance of employees (Morrison, 2010).

According to (2013) about “Counter-productive work behavior” that Societies who text message when they should be doing something productive called counter-productive, "Technology permits us to do counter-productive things that we weren 't able to do 10, 20 or even five
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