Relationship Between Organizational Communication And Leadership

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Organizational communication and leadership are related to the success and the failure of the organization they are linked together because they all need each other to function.
An organizational communication is a process that activities of a society are gathered and coordinated to achieve the goals of both individuals and the collective group. It is a subfield of general communications studies and is often a component to effective management in a workplace atmosphere. (, Jan 4th 2015)
Leadership is a person who is in charge and has authorities to take decision plus has powers to implement his/her decisions. (, Jan 2nd 2015)
Any organization needs a leader to take charge to things s/he
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These concepts can give different opinions about the definition of leadership. It is a continuous debate that whether the leadership comes from the personal qualities of a leader “the leader treats” or a leader makes followership through what s/he does or believes.
Leadership is causing other individuals to do what the leaders want. Good leadership are those who use their own personal power associated with their use of strategic influence is what make them effective to reach for the organization goals. Leadership is inspiring others to pursue your vision within the standards you set, to the extent that it becomes a shared effort, a shared vision, and a shared success. (businessnewsdaily, 4th of Jan 2015)
The kind of leadership that more likely to bring success to organizations:
There are dozen types of leadership that could bring the success to organizations I chose these two because it’s more common in organizations.
• The Organizational
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• Visionary Leadership:
It is important for leaders to have a clear vision. If we try to put the light on word vision, it may have different pictures or interpretations. “A vision is a mental image of a possible and desirable future of the organization”
This mental image increases inside the mind of leaders and depends on the h/her efficiency to perceive the things accurately and use them smartly to improve and sustainability an organization. Capable leadership was also observed to handle, manage and implement these changes successfully. (, 4th of Jan

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