The Importance Of Organizational Communication

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Organization sets itself precise objectives so as to meet up the better business success, and to expand proportional advantage over the competition. For these objectives to be reached, organizational communication is of great important and it implies communication with stakeholders as well as communication with employees, client and customers of the organization. The central objective of all organization is to ensure sustainable growth. In the words of Weick and Browing (1986), communication is the process of transmission of message from one person to the other.
Increased pressures to implement revolutionize initiatives and respond efficiently to growing competition is what business leaders are facing in the environments Lüscher & Lewis (2008). Going by the words of Mahesh & Suresh (2009), change often involves organizational developing new job functions, restructuring, or creating new organizational departments. the need for organizational change is often recognized at higher levels in organizations, developing strategies on how to communicate successfully, change programs has not been forthcoming. Communication is one of the most important and dominant activities in organizations. Communication is more than mere speech, document or thought. Adler and Elmhorst (2005) identified that communication is a process that involves actions and thought and it is on-going. It takes up more time than any other activity and makes the disparity between failure and
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