The Importance Of Organizational Culture

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In this patch we will try to approach and describe the meaning of organizational culture, its importance its components and the role it holds in the business world. Every organization has its own organizational culture which is referred and based on the feeling of joint collective identity of the employees which in its turn is created and structured by a system of shared values and beliefs. Organizational culture is defined by Siehl & Martin in their book (1984, p.227) as “the glue that holds together an organization through a shared term of meaning”. A basic definition of organizational culture is the shared way the actions are implemented inside a company. With the term culture we mean the material and spiritual heritage of an organization such as manners, tools, and customs. Culture is the total of the beliefs and values that shape the archetypes of behavior and indicate how things are done. “Culture is defined as, the shared philosophies, ideologies, values, assumptions, beliefs, expectations, attitudes, and norms that knit a community together”. (Kilmann, Saxton et al. 1986 p.5). There are several ways that help determine an organization’s culture. However, culture is not homogenous in all of the organization which means that a company can also have sub-cultures. Therefore, we can say that culture is the way the members understand the corporal experiences and identify the conditions they deal with, which means that culture affects specific types of

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