Organizational Development Case Study

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This assignment is to help us to understand how the development of technique and method will affect the culture of the company. The Organizational Development and change can help the organization to improve their effectiveness. The main objective is to help the organization to improve their skill, knowledge and help the company to solve the problem. Therefore, the manager, culture, skill and leadership are an important role of an organization. In order to create a successful organization, the organization must develop a good working culture, managing skill, good leadership and a good relationship between the employer and employee to make it work successfully.
Morrison defined that Organizational Development (OD) is to help the company to adapt
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Watkins says that culture is a behavior, the Organizational Culture (OC) means that the patterns of behavior that can be observe in an organization. Based on another research, it stated that OC is the one of the important role, because it will affect the ethic business decision making. Normally cultures will influence the ethic and behavior of the people (Okpara, 2014). Therefore, the culture of the organization will affect the whole organization either in good or bad performance.
.According to the research, it shown that the relationship between culture and the organizational development and change is positive, if the organization willing to change, it will affect their performance of the organization because a strong culture will affect the performance of the organization and help the employee to achieve the goal (Tsai, 2011). There are few methods that develop in organization which is Positive Model, General Model of Planned Change, Lewin’s Planned Change and Action Research Cycle. I only future discuss the positive model, it is emphasize on whether the organization is doing a right thing, it can help the employee to understand better when they
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Therefore, if the good culture we should keep practices on it, if we have a bad culture we must be able or willing to change in order to get a better performance. For example, the employees are respecting each other and they had a good relationship, less argument, if they having an argument they will find out what is the issue and try to solve it together. Therefore, it is a good working culture in an organization, so this culture should persist. If the employee has the habit of always late to work, you as a manager should not to scold them, what you should do are give them time to change. For example ask for the reasonable reason, if they still coming late then may give them a verbal warning for the first time, if still late then may give a formal warning letter to warn them, but if they had change their behavior, then you should praise them for the changes so they will feel being appreciated for such changes, therefore they will keep practicing. Besides that, the manager or leader is an important role in an organization, because if the manager or employer has a good leadership they will able to lead the entire employee to achieve the goal. A good leader will motivate their members when they having difficulty, encourage them to think creatively in order to come out with some new idea, make a decision

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