The Importance Of Organizational Learning

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Learning, can be knowledge, structure, system, new insights or actions and will improve the performance in the future. Organizational learning refers to the process that people can have better knowledge and understanding to improve performance or actions (Fiol & Lyles, 1985). In addition, Share knowledge is important because through people share information, do some practices, lessons learned, share experiences and draw new insights to improve performance (Renzl, 2006). However, there are some barriers to share knowledge, including lack of trust, time, knowledge hoarding and culture (Rosen & Furst, 2007). The essay will show three parts that organizations should focus on different degrees of learning, the key requirements that should be focused on when employees share their knowledge, and why the culture of learning is so important for an organization to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Organization should be focus on knowledge management. Knowledge management refers to share the knowledge within the organization by the process that transfer knowledge from tacit to explicit. Tacit knowledge means people learn through study and experiences and stored in the head. In addition, tacit knowledge is a crucial precondition for any organizations to make good decisions. Explicit knowledge can be share, and it is codified or documented and stored in textbooks, journals, manuals and guides. Organizations experiences are formed by explicit knowledge and it can be assessed and

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