The Importance Of Outdoor Play

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Through my research, I have developed an understanding of the importance of outdoor play. This has helped me to understand how to allow for opportunities to occur for outdoor play. For example, using the weather to my own advantage, if its raining, to take the children out in water proof clothing to play in the rain. This can help children to develop their understanding of the world around them all the whilst playing, which is what the Foundation Phase encourages. I have learnt that there are many ways a child 's development and play are benefited by outdoor play. This is supported by (accessed 12/02/2018), which states that "This is important as ... children learn and gain experience through all their senses". It was the staggering amount of benefits that outdoor play had, that has made me realise the importance, and how it will be important to encourage other professionals to use outdoor play more during lessons. It has also made me think about how researching other theorists about play can help me develop my own practice for the future. By researching other theorists, I can get an understanding of what outdoor equipment would benefit the children within my care, which would then mean their play and development is more effective. Through researching the importance of outdoor play on child 's play, I have come to appreciate how significant it is on a child 's play and learning. Before starting this assignment, I thought that indoor and outdoor
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