The Importance Of Overcoming Adversity

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Overcoming adversity is never easy, especially when someone has been beat down multiple times before. Whether it be from a physical beat down of bodily struggle or a mental struggle, adversities and challenges can be defeated by knowing the right concepts. Many people everyday continue to overcome what hinders them and push through their challenges by having the right mindset and to deciding to try. A person trying to overcome something needs to have a strong backing to keep them motivated during slow times and tell them never to quit. After a person begins, they need to continue to have faith in themselves and also know that failure is part of the process and one can grow the most from it. Being aware of these ideas to overcome challenges can help a person do anything they set their mind too. Gail Devers a famous Olympian once said “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.”, this quote can be applied to overcoming a challenge in ones life. Deciding to try and finding the motivation to do something great needs to come from within. In order to take on a challenge, one needs to enter the situation with the right mindset. A person must have the motivation to try and want to change. Jia Jiang wanted to quit feeling shame when he was rejected (Jiang). J.K. Rowling wanted people to stop telling her she couldn’t become a successful writer (Rowling). Phil Hansen wanted to be a known artist, despite the constant shake in his hands (Hansen). Shane Koyczan wanted to
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