Speech On Self-Talk

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Imagine, making plans with your friends and worrying about them not showing on time or having to present an argument in front of your peers and feeling a rise in body temperature. That’s right, what you are feeling is anxiety. Anxiety is a wide concept however in general terms, anxiety is a feeling accompanied by worry fear and nervousness. Anxiety ranges from mild emotional discomfort to extreme panic attacks. Most of us deal with mild anxiety quite often and hence it is important to learn to combat such discomforting feelings. Mentioned below are the easiest ways to deal with anxious thoughts:
I. Take deep breaths: As cliched as it sounds, taking deep breaths is highly effective way to reduce anxious thoughts. It increases the oxygen supply
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Smile: I know it’s funny just standing there and smiling when you have a task ahead of you but the studies show smiling increases positive emotions and decreases negative thus reducing anxiety. It also helps heart and leads to a better circulatory system.
III. Self-talk: Self-talk is one the best ways to reduce anxiety. When we are a in a situation that triggers anxiety in us, we often don’t use systematic thinking but when we self-talk we put our thoughts in order and understand every aspect of a situation and come out with a better solution that helps us deal with anxiety. It also gives a boost to our confidence.
IV. Exercise: Exercise is yet another effective way to deal with anxiety. A little skipping and an evening run can give you a good adrenaline rush. Exercising also relates to a positive body image which leads to increases self-confidence and self-image and that definitely reduces the nervous thoughts. No wonder people who go for a morning walk to gym and less frustrated.
V. Socialise: Often socialising with people help you reduce anxiety. When we talk to people about things we feel, not only it reduces burden but it also gives clarity in thought because when you talk you engage in conscious thinking of the problem equipping you better to deal with the
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Meditation: Yoga and meditation on a daily basis can reduce anxiety considerably. They promote better respiration, better blood circulation and hence better hormone control. Yoga releases happy hormones ranging from dopamine to endorphin which automatically brightens our mood.
X. Sleep cycle: It is very important for the brain and the body to get appropriate rest to function sanely. With the proper sleep cycle which involves going to bed and rising in a fix routine, your nervousness and anxiety will reduce considerably in the long run.
While this modern lifestyle of eating junk, clubbing very weekend, slouching on the couch seems fun, it is very well not healthy. Grab a plate of salad over fries; juice over drinks or go for a run over binge watching for favourite show once a while. Healthy body sure leads to a healthy mind. And with both of that, you just open up a whole new realm of possibilities in life. As you may have notice from the above mentioned coping techniques to deal with anxiety, most of them involve switching to a healthier lifestyle. The saddest part of it all is that anxiety is so common that most of experience it while the solution to reduce is something that should already be a part of out lifestyle rather than something we start doing because of an existing
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