The Effects Of Overpopulation On The Environment

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The future that we want for generations to come entails a safer planet and a more efficient world, which unfortunately, we do not currently have. If people continue to recklessly damage and add more problems to the Earth, the future ahead of us will not be what we hope for. As of now, the path we are heading down results in Earth’s population living in an environmental, medical, and economic crisis. One of the largest factors behind the Earth’s deterioration is that there is an overpopulation problem that is only getting bigger and as it gets bigger, it becomes more problematic not only for the Earth’s environment but for generations yet to come.
Overpopulation is a predicament in which the population of people in an ecological setting
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Some of the major effects that overpopulation has on the Earth’s environment include depletion of natural resources, degradation of environment, conflict and wars, and a rise in unemployment. One of the effects that overpopulation has on earth includes depletion of natural resources. Depletion of natural resources is quite severe in terms of allowing the earth to produce enough amounts of water and food for all people. Most of the environmental damage that has been seen in the last fifty years has been a result of the growing number of people on the planet. As more people are added to the overall population of the Earth, the number of trees, forests, and natural habitats will drop more rapidly, animals will be hunted in a reckless or illegal manner on a higher rate, people will continue to contribute to and increase the immense amount of pollution, and many other occurrences as unfortunate as these will continue to change the Earth’s environment in a negative way. People who have engaged in discussions about overpopulation have observed that acts of violence and aggression outside of a war zone have increased tremendously among people competing for…show more content…
Educating younger generations about overpopulation and how to prevent it could possibly lower the global birth rate so that it is not drastically higher than the death rate and with this balance of birth and death rates, a nation’s resources will be more adequate for its population and there will be less conflict over such resources that are needed for survival. If current trends continue, the world’s total population by 2050 is expected to be 25.5% more than what it is now, which would be more than 9 billion

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