The Importance Of POP Culture

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1. Introduction The book introduces the popular culture in different forms in peoples’ everyday life, including the music, television, advertising and branding, and language aspect by giving examples to show that the common experiences of people and connect with the everyday life. Apart from introducing the popular culture in different aspects, the book discusses the business of the POP Culture and the digital culture to raise the awareness of the topic of POP Culture since perhaps there are a few people perceives the reason that social structures have led to the emergence and spread of pop culture. In addition, the book introduces the popular culture to deepen the understanding of readers and suggests examples to connect with the students. As for the book review, the essay focuses on the topic of online POP Culture in the book. In the contemporary situation, perhaps the Internet has conceivably become more and more popular since presumably the barrier between countries may become narrower when the social media is used for communication and entertainment such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When the Social Media and Internet is commonly used, the information generally becomes easier for people to browse. In addition, there is a vast amount of criticism of the Social Media and the Internet by using the screen-to-screen communication instead of the face-to-face communication so that it generally has both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is probably a
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