The Importance Of PRIDE

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Titan P.R.I.D.E is a key aspect in everything I do. The term PRIDE gives me the reminder that the decisions I make in life, for good or for worse are all part of my choice. It means my future job, life, and success are all in my hands, and the decisions that I make today will shape how my future will play out. With this in mind, the classes, clubs, and extracurriculars I have and will take are all a ramp to my future. A key step to this is what I want to do after high school, and ISM seems like a good first step to help me decide. I really want to be a part of this, as it seems like a once in a lifetime experience to me. Working with different people is a big interest for me, as I love being around people, and working with students who have…show more content…
Throughout my life, I have faced a considerable amount of adversity, and they have all made me into the person I am today. The best instance of this would be when I was a freshman. As a trombonist, getting braces was the worst possible thing that could have happened to me. To make things even worse, I got them on a few months before Region auditions. The learning curve was hard, and I didn’t make the cut for Freshman Region. This really made me feel down, as just the year before, I was the 2nd overall chair in my class. For a few weeks, my confidence really wavered; However, with the encouragement of some upperclassmen, I eventually decided to move on to the next thing. All-Region, the real deal was only a month away. By using my failure as motivation, I discovered a work-ethic I never knew I had, practicing more than I had before. Every day, I would get back home and the first thing that was on my mind was practicing the trombone. In the long run, this truly paid off, as it allowed me to develop my skills as a trombone player, but more importantly develop a sense of self-motivation. On the day of auditions, I went in hoping for the best, and although my run wasn’t perfect, the practice and preparation that came before ultimately allowed me to make the band. This experience provided me with a special lesson, and let me know that my talent won’t always carry me, as what really mattered in the end was how much work I put
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