The Importance Of Paper Books

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Entertainment is found in many places and in our world and the possibilities are endless. However, most of these possibilities center around technology. Reading is one of the main forms of entertainment that exists, that does not have wires attached. But as our world progresses, developments are made that can alter that. A recent debate addresses the discussion of whether audio books and paper books hold the same value. Paper books hold more value in all aspects of life for reasons including that physical books help people focus better, reading is a life skill, and the effort put into reading is greater than listening.

By reading a paper edition of a book, the reader is committed to be focused. Deane Alban, from Brain Be Fit, a neurology
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Graduate School Dissertation Chair at Northcentral University, Dr. Jennifer Duffy, explained, “Reading is a fundamental skill needed to function in society." (Reading Improves Memory, Concentration and Stress). Society needs people who can read. To be able to read quickly, or to be able to read in depth are both necessary skills that the world needs to be able to continue to progress. Words are how we express ourselves and a boss may not always be around to verbally explain a new task. On a smaller level, our society is built from families. If the head of the family does not read well, the children most likely will not grow up as strong readers. Dr. Duffy continues, "Words...are the building blocks by which a child’s mind grows." Reading is necessary to enlarge the future generation's minds to ensure success. Listening will not always cut it. Reading as a skill is imperative for success. Physical books hold more value because they create readers, which create a bright…show more content…
Rachael Roberts, an English teacher for British Counsel Teaching English says, "However, there is still the issue of whether students will necessarily ‘notice’ the vocabulary." A physical book forces you to recognize the vocabulary. A person stumbles on an unfamiliar word and then feels prompted to learn what it is. Often times with audiobooks, words go by so quickly that people forget what the word was, and they do not feel the need to expand their vocabulary since the confusing word is then in the past. Physically reading also creates healthy work for your brain because your brain goes through a process called decoding. PhD, Nadine Gaab, from Harvard Medical School explains a little girl going through the work process of decoding and reading, saying, "She has to decode words, she has to have the vocabulary once she decodes the words, she has to know meaning of the words, and she has to read fluently so that she can comprehend a whole paragraph,” (Harvard Medical School, Reading and the Brain). This quote shows the extensive work put into learning how to read, and all of the steps to get there. Reading is more than a one-step process. It requires your brain to learn and grow in a way different to understanding a person talk, which one can understand at a younger age. And all the while, your brain gets faster at reading, showing improvement by working at it. Paper books have a greater

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