Parent Involvement In Youth Sports

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Parents are a vital presence within the youth sports system and should be allowed in every decision regarding the team during practice and games
Parental involvement in sports can be looked at as a continuum from not involved at all to over-involve. Positive involvement includes supporting your child through ways such as verbal encouragement, your presence at a game, allowing your child to make his/her own decisions about what sport to participate in, and providing financial and other resources that enable his/her participation. (Martin Camiré, 2009)
Research regarding parents perspectives on the practice of high school sport has shown that parents involvement in high school sports .I further states that parental support
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For example” a volleyball coach, noted that parents could be a source of pessimistic reinforcement of inner-squad issues, coaching complaints and personal behavioral problems within a team. On the other hand parents hold a very valuable part by being sources of support and giving out instructions on playing the sport .Although the author indicates that there are contradictory views about the role of the parents in the youth sports , the crucial thought is how coaches can relate well and work hand in hand with parents to minimize the negatives and great more…show more content…
Parents have a significant part to play, and they can influence a child’s interest and eagerness to continue participating in sports for years to come. “Studies have shown a positive relationship between parents who are involved with their child’s sporting activities and the child’s enjoyment of the activity, participation in physical activities and continued participation in youth sports”. That is to say the right type of parental involvement can help a child to have a positive youth sports experience that motivates him or her to want to continue playing sports .After all the parent do know the attitudes of their children and what they strive for in life so to conclude my statement I do firmly believe that a parent will always be a parent.

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