The Importance Of Parental Needs

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Parental needs A child with disability may influence their parents positively or negatively. For instance, a gifted child may influence their parents positively, whereas a child with other or physical disabilities could be otherwise. In United States, the approximate cost for a lifetime health care for a person with CP is USD 921,000 (NINDS, 2003). Therefore cost of therapy and treatment would have an impact to families with low financial resources. Moreover a mother would probably leave the workforce to attend their child’s needs. Together, as a result of these may increase financial and psychological strain in the families. A study by Almasri et al. (2014) found that in a family with child diagnosed with CP needed the family needs the highest. Besides the basic needs of family, good communication, love, respect understanding and more time to spend together are what a family needs. Almasri and his colleagues (2014) also suggest that the family needs vary from age group as a child with CP at the kindergarten might need information about diagnosis, prognosis and relevant services at that age. While a child at primary might need assistive devices and at secondary level, the family might need resources and support for future directions such as further education and career. In Hong Kong, the Chinese culture has different approach to handle stress compared to Western culture as Chinese people tend to retain stressful events to them and rarely express their emotions to others (Lai
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