Essay On Importance Of Parents

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Parents are the most significant people in any person’s life. Their actions, beliefs and behaviour has influence on a child. Both the parents are an essential part in a child’s life. But a mother plays a more vital role in a child’s life and his upbringing. A mother is the first significant person that the child comes to know of even before coming to the world. The bond between them is created at a very early stage or the prenatal stage and that bond is to continue their whole life. It is said that the mother is the first school of a child because he learns the most basic things at home and it is the mother that he is in contact with most of the time, so seeing the mother he learns how to talk, walk, eat etc. Perceive means to understand, realize or be informed of something. Acceptance is an individual’s agreement to a situation’s reality, whether negative or…show more content…
Moreover these 3A’s are interdependent (Elizabeth B. Hurlock, 1980). If a person receives affection and acceptance from his parents, he will try to achieve a lot in his life and vice versa and so on. So parents’ acceptance is very important for a child and the researches also show this importance, as in the research (Harter, 1998; Ryan, 1995; Sroufe and Waters, 1977) determined that the parents’ behaviour influence child’s academic performance. Another research conducted on secondary school going students showed considerable relationship between perceived parental acceptance score and children’s academic performance (Aize Obayan and Kareem Jimah-Cook, 1992). This shows that children do get affected by their parents’ behaviour towards them. It can also affect their academic achievements and school functioning. Sadiq Hussain and Seema Munaf(2012) conducted a research showing that the adults who received rejection in childhood had poorer psychological adjustment than the ones who received
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