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Space is the three dimensional extension of the world around us, the intervals, the distances and relationships between people and people, people and objects and between objects and objects.
Relph, E(1981) regards landscape as ‘anything I see and sense when I am out of doors-landscape is the necessary context and background both of my daily affairs and of the more exotic circumstances of my life’.
Most landscape designs takes place within cities and towns and potentially contributes to their success as livable places by influencing forms and functions. There are certain models of design and qualities of places which are needed to be followed by landscapes architects. These include responsiveness, originality, robustness, inclusiveness,
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It further states that we like spaces when we are at the edge or we are covered, such that our back is protected ( rather than the middle where we are most exposed ).

Existing site condition needs to be kept in prime interest. Also vegetation, especially trees takes a lot of time to mature so in order to conserve the environmental and aesthetic benefits, vegetation of ecological value should be conserved. Space design involves the generation of specific forms or shapes for places. There are many ways of doing this, but some common methods by which designers create and articulate form are through the use of : Interpretation of existing site forms, geometry, metaphor, symbolism, abstraction and use of natural forms, archetypes, vernacular, historic paradigms.

2.1.13 MYSTERY
One of the most striking aspects of people’s reaction to landscapes that suggests a three-dimensional interpretation is their preference for scenes where it appears as if one could see more if one wish to “walk into” the scene. It is the quality of an environment to keep people engaged with itself and make them wanting to discover more about

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