The Importance Of Participation In NHS

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I definitely believe that I fit into Cor Jesu’s chapter of NHS. I have participated in many service opportunities and leadership positions, and while those both demonstrate what my participation in NHS would be if I am accepted, but I am also honest, responsible, kind, respectful, and helpful. The main reason I am applying for NHS is so that I can help others by serving my community, and I can achieve this by using my gifts and character. One of my most inspiring service opportunities that I have participated in was at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services during my freshman year. While I was at Cardinal Ritter, I took the patients to and from mass and played Bingo with them. I really connected with the seniors living there and I learned so much from them. My favorite part about that service opportunity was meeting one of the first women employed at McDonnell Douglas. I thought it was amazing that I got to meet a part of the Women’s Rights Movement, and she has inspired me to be different, stand up for myself, and make a difference in the world. I had the chance to go…show more content…
Two years ago, I went on the same retreat and it completely changed my faith life and I am so glad that I got the chance to guide seventh graders closer to God and their class. My responsibilities included leading people in decorating the room the Lukers stayed in. It took so much planning and preparation to provide an exciting environment. Since I was responsible and organized, everything went perfectly as planned, and I am so gracious for the talents God has given me so that I could complete those tasks. Leadership is so crucial to any project, and I am a great leader because I recognize the importance of a good manager. I do not boss people around, but instead I lead by problem solving and I know that I changed the life of at least one person and that is the reason why I do service and
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