The Importance Of Passion In Romeo And Juliet

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In countless fairy tales and myths, passion is praised as a beautiful and moving emotion. A prince’s passionate kiss awakes his sleeping soul mate; a mother’s passionate love for her daughter makes her journey across the seven seas to find her; a father’s passion and care for his son causes him to sacrifice himself for his son’s life. However, a picture that the stories often don’t paint, is the truth behind passion, how dangerous passion is and the actions it can force one to take. In the tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, two households, the Montagues and the Capulets, are engaged in a life long feud. The next successors in line to each house, Romeo to the house of Montagues and Juliet to the house of Capulets, fall in love with one another at first sight. Despite their forbidden romance, they are married in secret, promising their everlasting love for each other. Throughout the book, from the moment they meet each other on the dance floor, Romeo and Juliet continue to make reckless decisions that they justify by using passion as an excuse, declaring that they must take these actions because of their passionate love for one another. In the end, their infatuation for each other lead them to take foolish and unnecessary deeds, ultimately leading to their death. Passion can often overcome one 's emotions and cause them to dismiss all common sense, in turn leading them to take dangerous and thoughtless actions that risk the safety of themselves and oftentimes
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