Patient Education Case Study

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Patient education
Today's patients are more educated, computer savvy, and much richer. It is essential to clear all their rightly or wrongly earned doubts with much patience and compassion. Patients have willingness to explain things as the most important criterion in selecting a physician. Many factors used in the study were reasonable fees, telephone access, friendly office, convenient appointments, and convenient location; the willingness to explain ..
The feedback given by the patient helps to improve the overall work of the physician, place, and also the system. Patient feedback can be obtained by patient questionnaires, follow-up phone calls, suggestion box, referral physician's survey, etc. It also help them improve the quality of patient perceptions of quality of care. The data can be used to design effective
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Clinical Quality
While ongoing and open communication underpins all effective physician-hospital relations, clinical expertise keeps physicians and hospitals together for the long term
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