The Importance Of Patient Safety

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In recent years patient safety in the clinical setting has become both an international and national necessity, with an ever growing emphasis on patient safety in policy development, legislative improvements and upgrading the standards of care globally. Promoting patient safety and quality of care are integral to the delivery of healthcare in Ireland. Safety is a fundamental aspect of care and it is essential to diagnosis and treatment of patients. All healthcare professionals are obligated to treat, help, comfort and care for patients and to excel in the provision of health services for anyone who needs them. The primary responsibility for nurses as patient advocates, is delivering safe and effective care. It is recommended that nurses are…show more content…
Maintaining patients safety reduces the risk of adverse events such as, accidental injuries, complications, disability and even death, resulting from healthcare management and the care a patient receives (Van de Castle et al.2004) (Patient Safety, 2014). The prevalence of adverse events within a facility are a determinant of the quality of care provided to patients and is an indicator of patient safety. These incidences not only effect the patient and staff but also financially burden the healthcare system (Kang, Kim & Lee,…show more content…
The code of professional conduct guides nursing practice and promoting and maintaining patient safety is one of its key principles (Nursing and midwifery board of Ireland, 2014). The Health information and quality authority was established in 2005, and the aim of this government body is to develop standards for healthcare and to provide safe, high quality health services. Patient safety can be maintained once these policies and guidelines are adhered to.
Patent safety is a key principle across the board in healthcare services, however maintaining safety in mental health nursing brings about increased difficulties (Duxbury, 2015). The principal goal in this area of health care is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment, however achieving this may be difficult due to the disruptive behaviours of some patients (Bowers, 2005). Although there have been many advances in mental health nursing, violence and aggression remain prevalent and continue to create problems in inpatient settings (Bigwood & Crowe,
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