Assessing Patient Satisfaction: A Case Study

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Introduction It is important for any health system to provide high quality of Nursing services and respond to the needs of client. Satisfaction derived from the Latin word “satis” meaning enough, is a relative concept that apply only on adequate care(Oliver, 2014). While patient dissatisfaction recommend that health care could not achieved their goal, patient satisfaction is not always apply brillient or high quality care.on the other side patient satisfaction is important but not adequate condition of health care quality. (Piredda et al., 2015)
Patient satisfaction with nursing care defined as the level in which nursing care encounters patients anticipations in terms of art of care, technical quality, physical environment, availability and continuity of care(Mrayyan, 2006).
There are three dimension of nursing care which are used to assess patients satisfaction, that are, Nursing skill, Attention and Physical Care(Khan et al., 2007)
Patients are the best source of information about a hospital system’s education, communication, and management processes, because they are the only resource of information about whether they were treated with pride and regard or not . Their experiences often told about the organization that how well a hospital system is operating. Patients
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Therefore, it is extraordinary vitals for all nurses to keep improving their professional learning about their knowledge, attitudes, skills as well as their competency to offering support in the fields of information, emotion and technical support and help for their cancer patients(Liu, Mok, & Wong, 2006). Patient satisfaction is a word that can be understood in a different way by different patients and its meaning are also different for one patient at different times(Larson et al., 1996; Shikiar et al.,

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